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bvnoemi's Journal

24 April
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well, where do I start I'm a truly geek lol I love to read, play video games, laugh geekish lol if that counts... lol well anyways I love to use the computer and chat and also like playing with my baby, MAX (my dog btw. He is the reason why I always want to go home early. SOmthing Ive been doing lately is learning how to drive is exciting and I love it!! cant wait to get my license, soon. Im the only girl of the sibling I have 2 brothers that live in the house with the family right now and 4 other borthers in different states and another sister somewhere else, is a huge family but I love each and everyone one of them. I have good cool loving, extraordinary lol i will stop friends! they are the best they are fun to hang around with. ANd my parents I owe everything to them! they are kind and funny too, very old! lol Well right now im into dramas and alot of asian stuff, I owe that to a friend, I got addicted to them lol theyre nice. well thats about it for now lol nice to meet u!
collecting letters, dramas, especially foo fighters!, j-pop, k-pop, lost, one tree hill, playing with my dog, reading using the computer, rock, swimming, the great gatsby, twilight